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Release Notes

Our in-house development team is comprised of highly experienced leaders from the payment processing industry who specialize in programming and development. Each one has been hand-selected for their deep understanding of banking, finance, and the payment processing industry. Moreover, they are dedicated to the cause of introducing first-amendment, Parallel-Economy focused processing to the global community. Working around the clock, they strive to make this a reality.

If you have an idea for an upgrade, or you found an error, please email us. We are here for you!

Users who are suspended or blocked (for any reason) will now be brought to a standardized Lock screen when they attempt to login, instead of a confusing Error screen.


The wording was updated when sending anonymously. 


Security measures were added to prevent certain logged out users from re-accessing the system by pressing the browser “back” button. 

Changed the wording on our error message shown when users attempt to upload very large files. 


On the main user dashboard, completed transactions for incoming funds will now be labeled as “Received” instead of “You’ve Got Money.”

Note Required.png
Fee Default.png

This update primarily focused on improving the user experience and adding new features for administrators.


The transaction initiation screen was updated with various changes, including setting the fee to be covered by the initiator by default and adding “required” wording to the note field. Some style corrections were also made for the transaction initiation screen.

Jan 20, 2023

We corrected a bug for our new, in-house OFAC integration, helping us move away from an outside service provider.

We removed the public username (@name) from the manual transaction initiation entry form, as it was causing errors.

This release replaced some legacy services with new, expandable versions which should see large improvements. 

Jan 5, 2023
Trans Initiation.png

We made corrections for some errors seen on the Widget Checkout.

We moved the Manage API section from the User Settings into the Widget page

This release improves multiple back end processes and services.

Dec 23, 2022
Widget API.png

2FA for login will now fail and force a new PIN when an incorrect PIN is entered too many times.

We changed how we validate phone numbers and email addresses to no longer send a link to the User. It was causing too many spam blocks and issues. Now the system sends a PIN NUMBER to the User for email and phone validation.

We removed the Public Username (@name) entry from our signup process. It was confusing too many users.

Rearranged the order of Recipient/Requestee entry panels when initiating a transaction.

Entry Panel.png

In this release we focused on the User Experience. This included Dark Mode, which so many of our users were asking for for months, as well as a streamlined Send/Receive function. We also changed the word Deposit to LOAD so as not to confuse people who thought the word "deposit" was meant to send money to their bank.

March 1, 2023

To change the user experience from a Light Screen to a Dark Mode, go to the upper right menu bar by clicking on your name. Then, scroll down and click on DARK MODE.

Dark Mode.png

6. Copy the HTML code and give it to your website developer.

Widget Button Info.png


Easy Checkout Widget.png

We fixed some bugs that were reported by users, added some new admin features to speed up and assist with customer support, and released a new, more robust Easy Checkout Widget. This widget allows a user to create and place a button (or multiple buttons) on a website using HTML, which is automatically created for you. It takes about a minute to create one!

1. Log into your gabpay account at

2. Click on WIDGET on the menu bar.

February 2, 2023
Widget Code.png

4. Then choose your options and click on SAVE CHANGES.

Menu Bar Widget.png
Create Easy Widget.png


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