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What is a Parallel Economy?

Since taking on the GabPay project, I have heard and seen several calls for what many would consider drastic measures. Some people believe that we should completely remake the financial system, including using cryptocurrency, gold, silver, and more. I've heard calls for the downfall of the current banking system. I've even heard wild, barter-only scenarios.

A Parallel Economy is not a taking down of any system that is in place. It is a simple movement where believers in our way of life band together to create our economy within the boundaries of the current financial market. That includes the established banking, processing, crypto, and barter networks.

What is a financial market? It's not everything our enemies dream it is; Controlling everything from energy, food, housing to entertainment. A financial market is what you make of it. We can build our own energy companies, cars, planes, trains, and boats. We can harvest our food and produce our energy. We can develop our TV stations and movie companies. The list is endless. And we can buy from and sell to each other, inside of our marketplaces that we develop.

What about banking? Is the entire banking system evil? No. Not even close. There are mom-and-pop banks still in existence. There are private banks that are off of the FDIC system. There are good bank owners in every corner of the United States and from all walks of life. And this is true around the globe. There are many more bankers who believe in freedom than tyranny.

So how do we go about developing all of these things? Many of you are already in business. Start by selling inside a community like Gab. Support your local community of people who think like you right at home. Actively search out and buy from those who believe the same things. Don't take the easy road and shop on Amazon. Wean yourself from what is easy, and begin business relationships within your circle.

I recently went looking for a new knife for my kitchen. I went onto Gab and posted a picture of what I wanted and asked for the community's assistance. One gabber responded, and he got to work immediately. Two days later, he finished my new butcher knife and even posted a video to Gab TV. I paid him $300. I supported him instead of Jeff Bezos. Our community needs the money more and will use it for good, not just to shut off services to those who disagree politically.

Get off of Amazon, even if it takes you a year to locate your needs elsewhere. Do it piece by piece. You will make new friends in the process. Don't like what a company says or how they spend their money? Stop buying from them, and begin reshaping your financial world. Speak with your wallet. Make your enemies bend to your will by taking away what they love, your money.

In short, a Parallel Economy is what you make of it. It is not a rebuild of everything financially; it uses the tools we already have to build ourselves up. It is a chance for you to speak using the one power our enemies take for granted: Your Money. Also, we all too often forget to acknowledge God Almighty in our daily work. I am guilty of this (thanks to D. Anna for reminding me). I take this time to do so and remind each one of you. Let's collectively bring God back to the forefront of everything we do. Through Him, everything we have done and will do is possible.

Have questions? Need help with anything I just discussed? You can find me on under @johnnydoes.

-GabPay Johnny


About the Author:

GabPay Johnny is the Lead on the GabPay project, including the GabPay App and the GabPay Merchant Services division of Gab. He has nearly twenty years of experience in Payment Processing, including being the President and Founder of one of America's top independent payment processing firms for 15-years.

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