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Denied for Being White?

I'm going to be attacked for writing this article. I'm white, and I will complain about whites being denied services just for being white. So I'm the prime target of the left and their rhetoric that demands that I shut up and remain quiet because I am white. This is wholly racist, and everyone knows it, but people are too scared to speak up for fear of being named a "white supremacist." Well, I'm not afraid because they can't touch me with crap like that.

I'm sitting here looking at a merchant account that a bank recently declined for merchant services. At best, the decline notice was vague, which led to my digging a bit more and eventually writing this blog article.

This company sells clothing online. They do not have any nazi symbols or overtly racist logos anywhere. They do not allude to anything racist on their website, anywhere. The only thing I could find were some articles claiming that the "owner" of the outlet is somehow racist. The articles I read said his gear had known white nationalist signs. Oh yeah, and he enjoys MMA, so he promotes violence. I'm not kidding.

So what are these signs? I see ancient Vikings symbols, regular lettering, and even basic speak of tradition. But nothing stands out as racist, and I mean absolutely nothing. I see that everyone on the site is white and has short hair. But this could be the case for many black websites, including BLM-related sites that offer the same type of gear. In some cases, these other sites even mention violence to solve a problem or openly promote black-owned products.

So everyone understands me as clear as day; I do not care if a black-owned business wants to sell only to blacks. If that is their target audience, then so be it. I could care less if they promote blacks as better than whites. The point is, they should be able to sell what they want if it is legal to do so. But these days, bankers are scared. They have gone from the most powerful of people to the weakest. They are so worried about blowback from anything white they've forgotten to give businesses a chance to be.

The more you ban a group from living everyday life simply by the color of their skin, the more racists you will create on both sides. By pointing fingers at groups that may or may not indeed be racists, you will turn them into exactly what you claim to want to avoid.

We have to get back to the days of just doing business. People do not always have to get along. God will sort out who is evil and who is good. The market will sort out who wins and who loses. Banks have to stop taking sides unless a business is found illegal by a court of law.

This idea that we all have to live by some set of new rules, where everyone must be happy all of the time, only leads to everyone being upset. It also allows companies to target smaller organizations with attack ads to destroy their business or hold them down.

Finally, we have to stop labeling every white person in America a "White Supremacist" simply because of causes promoted by the opposition party. It leads to nowhere good.

If you own or manage a bank, stop losing business out of fear of political blowback. You are in the money business, not politics. Let's get back to underwriting businesses on their merits, not on the color of their skin.

-GabPay Johnny


About the Author:

GabPay Johnny is the Lead on the GabPay project, including the GabPay App and the GabPay Merchant Services division of Gab. He has nearly twenty years of experience in Payment Processing, including being the President of one of America's top independent payment processing firms for 15-years.

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