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$2500 for MisInformation. Really?

I've been in the payments space for nearly 20-years. I've seen all kinds of weird things happen, but I never thought I would see a payment processor fine their clients $2500 for "misinformation," whatever that means!

I was once where many of you sit, struggling daily to make ends meet. I would get up early, go to bed late, and chase The American Dream. Like every successful business owner, I made money by providing a service and keeping my customers happy.

Big Tech changed that business model. We let it by becoming complacent and allowing them to take over. Big Tech hooked us all on their toys, and now they believe we have no alternative. We are essentially cattle to these modern-day barons.

PayPal is connected to every eCommerce platform and nearly every bank worldwide. They made it so that we could not do business without them. Or did they?

PayPal may have cornered the market, but they finally showed their hand. When we all fought back, they lost billions and retracted their $2500 fee for misinformation, but they did not make a mistake. They claim it was a simple error, as though it was a typo. The entire world knows that it is a lie. A company that size doesn't change the terms without board approval.

Anyone who decides to stay with PayPal better know that they will implement their goals another way when the time is right. You will bow down to their desires because if not, they will steal your money, or lock you out, everywhere. Why? Because they hate you and what you stand for. Freedom is only for those at the top who know what is right for you. Everyone else is a threat. You are a domestic terrorist, remember?

With inflation, supply chain issues, high crime, and intense regulatory policies does it feel like Big Tech and PayPal are the right way forward? I'm guessing your answer is a resounding no!

I did not seek out the "ALT" economy. I saw what was happening around me and what gab was building. I decided to do something about it. I joined the new #ParallelEconomy, and I'm here to stay. I'm doing something about this disgusting situation.

At gabpay, we are reviving the REAL economy, where freedom of speech does not equate to suppression of commerce and our God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Say what you want, support whom you wish to, conduct your business how you want, and choose your path to success. Our job at gabpay is not to judge but to be your partner in that journey.

-GabPay Johnny


About the Author:

GabPay Johnny is the Lead on the GabPay project, including the GabPay App and the GabPay Merchant Services division of Gab. He has nearly twenty years of experience in Payment Processing, including being the President and Founder of one of America's top independent payment processing firms for 15-years.

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