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How Do GabPay Merchant Accounts Work?

GabPay provides you with the Peace of Mind that only comes from doing business with a friend who always has your best interest in mind. We provide you with a Dedicated Merchant Account with a bank that supports gab and real representatives that care about our cause. Do we integrate? Yes. Click Here for the growing list of integrations.

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Step 01

Reach Out

It is now easier than ever to see if a Dedicated Merchant Account is right for your business. Start a Chat with @GabPayPayton on gab social, or send an email to [email protected]. He will personally discuss your needs and see if our solutions are a good fit for your business.

Step 02

Interview & Application

After the interview, if you decide to move forward, our dedicated team will send you a complete application. Our team will be available by chat, email, or phone during this part of the process to assist you. 

Taking Notes
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Bank Review / Underwriting

Our team will submit your full application packet to the bank's underwriter for their review. This process typically takes about seven to ten days for approval.


Approval and Setup

Upon approval, your representative will assist you with anything your business requires. We have all of the equipment your business needs, as well as an integration team to help with eCommerce setups.

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Not looking for a dedicated merchant account? Take a look at our new GabPay App and Wallet. It may be the perfect fit for you.