Frequently Asked Questions

If we missed anything below, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our reps. Go to the search bar on gab Social and search "gabpay" and send us a private message. We also offer video tutorials for the gabpayApp. Click Here to see them.

How Does this Help the Parallel Economy?

This solution allows you to spend your processing dollars with companies who share your values rather than major monopolies who've hijacked our payment processing sectors. We must first begin to vote with our dollars to cripple these "woke" processing companies while we continue to explore new payment methods that don't contribute to causes we directly oppose. 

Why Do I Need To Give You My Login Credentials?

You do not have to use this service. You may register your bank the old-fashioned way, manually.


Also, you are not giving us your credentials. We never have access to your login details. Here is how it works:


1. You choose your bank.

2. We send you to your bank's authorized 3rd party log in partner.

3. You log in to your bank.

4. Your bank passes a token through the 3rd party directly to your device.

5. Each time you process a deposit or payment, we use the token.


The process is much more secure than manually adding your routing and account number. However, that option is available to you.

Don't want to use your credentials? Make sure and manually add your account details.

How Can I Protect Myself From Fraud on My Bank Account?

If you have money in a financial institution (bank) that you wish to protect, the best way is to open an account at a completely different financial institution. Transfer small amounts into that new account, and use that account in conjunction with everything you do online; It is the best way to protect your assets.

Why Does Our Bank Login Look Different Than Yours?

We utilize bank-approved software which connects to each bank's secure API for login and tokenization. The colors and style may be different from your bank's login screen. Your bank's login is for full usage. The system we use is for tokenization and single-use verifications. You can manually add your bank account if you prefer not to use our bank login technology.

I Do Not See My Bank Listed. What Do I Do?

You can add your bank account manually. Watch the Video Tutorial. Why is it not listed? Your bank does not currently work with the software we utilize to process a token with our technology.

Why am I Limited to How Much I Can Send and Receive?

Due to Know Your Client (KYC) laws at the State and Federal levels, plus we guarantee funds for all of our recipients, we limit transaction volumes for every account. Upgrading to a higher level User account may increase your ability to send and receive.

Can You Transfer Funds From Bank to Bank?

You may not transfer funds from one bank account to another, as it violates our terms of service. Most banks already offer this service for free. We, however, pay a fee for each debit and credit we perform. Therefore, we do not allow this type of service.

How Much Does This Cost?

With the GabPay App, you pay 1.9% per transaction + $0.15. Users can choose to pay, defer the cost to the other party, or split it. 

Is the System Secure?

Yes. We use a Level-4, Military-Grade-Encrypted Web Application Firewall. We use the same company that the UK Government and other governments, banks, and major processors use globally. We do regular 3rd-party PEN (penetration) tests.

Do We Perform Security Audits?

Our sponsor bank/s require us to perform regular 3rd party audits. These include NACHA-approved ACH audits, SOC audits, underwriting and compliance monitoring, regular OFAC checks, and more. Our sponsor/s have direct access to our audits, and they, in turn, report them to the federal and state agencies in charge of banking and finance. No, we do not share your personal information with these outside agencies!

Do We Offer Plugins for E-Commerce?

We currently only offer plugins for our Dedicated Merchant Account (DMA) services. The GabPay App is a stand alone product and does not yet offer this added service. We may add plugins in the future.

Will Everyone Know I'm Using GabPay?

We understand the world is sensitive about Gab. They don't all understand how awesome we are as a group. So everything we do is designed to look and feel like anything else you encounter in person or online. You can choose to show GabPay to your customers or use our outside name (Got Money). The other party will not know they are paying you through GabPay unless you choose to promote it that way. The choice is up to you. #Freedom

Is GabPay a Payment Aggregator?

No. The gabpayApp and wallet are functions of a software system that work in tandem with sponsor bank/s. Each sponsor bank is responsible for the transactions and other functions.

Can I Apply Outside of the United States?

No. We are currently only accepting applications for merchants and users in the United States. Do we have plans to expand into other countries? Yes, we will expand outside of our borders as soon as possible.

How Do I Close My Account?

Go to SETTINGS on the menu bar and then choose CHANGE PASSWORD. Then, at the bottom, click on CLOSE ACCOUNT. Please be aware that if you have a balance or any incomplete transactions, you may be asked to address those items before your account may be closed.

Are Gab Social and GabPay the Same?

No. gab is a separate entity. GabPay is a Joint Venture with Gab AI, Inc. Why is it done this way? For many reasons, including that gab is not a financial company. The structure is entirely different. Is Andrew Torba involved? Yes. He is the head of GabPay, and Gab AI, Inc. and owns

Does Closing My Account Delete My Information?

Closing your account does not delete your information from our system. We are required by federal law to keep a record of your account for a minimum of seven (7) years.