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What is the GabPay App?

The new gabpay app (Coming Soon!) is a Person to Person payment network. The new app will allow users to instantly transfer money from nearly any bank account in the United States to anyone or any business with a cell phone or email*.


How Does it Work?

The app is simple in nature. You will be able to transfer funds from a bank account, hold a balance, send and spend with any other user, receive instantly, or cash the amount you have out to nearly any financial institution in the USA. Yes, we said instant. All transactions on the app are instant* and final, with no chargebacks!

What Will it Cost?

We know money is important to you, and we have our eye on the ball. There will be No Enrollment or Monthly Fees. There is a small fee only when you transact to help support the network and the new Parallel Economy.

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What About Outside the U.S.?

Since we are located in the United States, we are beginning this project at home. Will we bring this to your country? It will depend on each country's banking laws. Since this operates across the banking network, it will be up to the regulators in your country.

How Do I Signup?

Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to launch to the public. We are in the final stages of coding now and will begin testing in early January. We expect to Beta launch to the public in February. If you would like to participate in the beta, please click the button below.

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*Withdrawals to financial institutions are not instant. All withdrawals are subject to our standard schedule.