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How Does it Work?

The app boasts a straightforward design. Effortlessly transfer money from a bank account, maintain a balance, send and spend with other users, receive funds instantly, or withdraw your balance to almost any financial institution in the USA. That's right – all transactions on the app are immediate* and irreversible, without any chargebacks!

The app's functionality will soon be enhanced with the upcoming Parallel Economy Debit Card. This addition will empower GabPay users to make purchases at nearly any merchant across the globe, further extending the app's reach and versatility, and enabling seamless transactions in the vast marketplace that is planet Earth.

What Does it Cost?

We understand the significance of money in your life. Registering for the app is completely free. A modest fee of 1.9% plus $0.15 is applied to transactions, contributing to the support and growth of the network and the emerging Parallel Economy. You have the flexibility to cover the fee yourself, let the other party pay, or even split the cost between both parties.

Our Planet

What About Outside the US?

Initiated in the United States, our project has its roots at home. Nevertheless, we anticipate expanding into over 140 countries this year, potentially reaching billions of individuals and businesses worldwide. Whether we can extend our services to your country depends on the specific regulations in place. As our platform operates within the banking network, its availability will be determined by the regulatory authorities in your region.

How Do I Signup?

U.S. users can now sign up for free and start processing transactions. Effortlessly deposit funds from your bank account, make payments, receive money, and withdraw as needed.

Merchants can confidently accept payments without concerns of chargebacks, indefinite holds, or repercussions related to political views.

If your business requires the ability to accept credit cards, Click Here for more information on our Dedicated Merchant Accounts, which are now available in the U.S., EU (except Germany), and the UK.


*Withdrawals to financial institutions are not instant, are subject to our standard schedule, and our underwriting guidelines. 

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Welcome to the #ParallelEconomy!

What is the GabPay App?

Introducing the GabPay app, a cutting-edge P2P payment platform within the Parallel Economy. With GabPay, users can actively engage in the Parallel Economy, executing financial transactions and providing commercial payment solutions through this innovative service.

GabPay enables users to seamlessly transfer funds from almost any US bank account to individuals or businesses using a mobile number, email address, or gab social @name*.

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